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Supply only ‘SPEED’ Tyre Racking Ranges

Typically, if all that is required is to store 30-100 tyres on site then this can be specified and costed over the phone or via email. Our fully priced tyre racking pdf gives all the detail required including the size of tyre racking bays available and the number of tyres each bay can store. Delivery is very quick on this type of requirement, 3-5 days as standard.

As standard our tyre racking is supplied with 3 storage levels. With only 3 levels this allows for all of the tyres to be picked (or for the racks to be loaded) whilst standing at ground floor level. If you have more height available that you wish to utilise then we can also provide a tyre racking system with 4 or even 5 storage levels. We can also provide a set of access steps to ensure you use these upper levels safely.

You may have an area earmarked for the new tyre racking system and we can help you to make sure you utilise the right bay size or combination of bay sizes to make the most of your dedicated tyre storage area. Please feel free to get in touch and we can discuss your needs and provide a quotation and a technical drawing prior to order.

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For larger requirements where businesses need to store several hundred, maybe even thousands of tyres, our on-site consultancy is recommended. Many large tyre depots, tyre wholesale or distribution centres may require tyre racking that extends up to 5 levels high or sometimes tyres are stored in stillages which are then stored in pallet racking. Using the available height of a building is key to maximising the storage potential of a facility and there are several ways to accomplish this:

  • High Bay Tyre Racking – Access Steps provided to pick from upper levels.
  • Tyre Stillages in Pallet Racking – Fork-Lift Truck required to move the stillages around the site, load/unload the racks.
  • Tyre Racking with a Mezzanine Floor – Unlock the headroom at your site with a H-Racks mezzanine floor.

We always provide this consultancy service, free of charge, at the earliest opportunity and across the UK. Following the survey, a full CAD design will be submitted with the quotation for your approval.

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Tyre racking systems
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