Tyre racking Christchurch, Dorset

Tyre Racking Christchurch

We unlocked the headroom on this mezzanine floor by installing 3.6m high tyre racking with 5 storage levels per bay. Over 2500 tyres stored.
Tyre racking Sheffield

Tyre Racking Sheffield

Over 5000 tyres stored with high bay tyre racking system above and below a mezzanine floor. Access steps also supplied for picking from upper levels.

Tyre racking Cheltenham

Tyre Racking Cheltenham

Our fully galvanised tyre racking system was used to create this great looking tyre racking installation. 1200 tyres stored in a new facility in Cheltenham.

Parts department in London

Parts Department London

We created a secure parts department with a combination of our binning system shelving and a secure mesh stores.

Mezzanine floor Basingstoke

Mezzanine Floor Hampshire

A new mezzanine floor, Longspan Shelving, Pallet Racking and a binning system all came together to create a new automotive workshop and stores area.

Tyre racking Nottingham

Tyre Racking Nottingham

Storage for 800 tyres provided with our SPEED range of tyre racking. This was installed within 2 weeks of our clients order being received.

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